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CRISIS is the toxic waste cleanup advocacy group of Bridgewater Township, New Jersey. CRISIS has been providing critical and technical oversight on behalf of the public (regarding the American Cyanamid/Pfizer Superfund site) since 1992.




Cyanamid is one of the Major Superfund Sites on the east coast. 

The site is effectively entirely in the Raritan River Floodplain. It borders the Raritan River next to The Patriots Ball Park and 287 in Bridgewater and Boundbrook, NJ.

CRISIS' primary goals to protect the community are:

1- Protect Raritan River from toxic pollution
  • Keep benzene less than 0.5ppB (parts per billion)
  • Preven Mass migration of toxic tars into the river due to flooding
2- Protect downstream canals
  • Protect drinking water supplies with intakes downstream of the site
3- Protect aquatic life and land animals from toxic material exposure
4- Protect site from seasonal flooding and flooding due to severe storms
  • Toxins tend to wash downstream druing flooding events in high concentrations
5- Fully treat contaminated groundwater (GW) 

Future Goals:

1- Wildlife tract developed within the site
2- Improve floodwater temporary storage on site
3- Minimize traffic problems when soils are moved to the site